This is a blog to track my experiment in learning coding! Upon joining the web development bootcamp, The Firehose Project, I have decided to start this blog for future reference for anyone wanting to start their coding journey.

This blog will be evidence of what can and cannot be accomplished in 3 months. Join my journey as I dive into the world of web development.

10524231_10204630308144102_3727980380850196417_o-2Name: Takehiro Mouri

What I currently do: 

I’m an undergraduate student studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pursuing a dual major in Business and Computer Science.

What lead me to start coding: 

After starting up a translation company that earned over 10,000 dollars in profit in the first 6 months while completing rigorous schoolwork, I realized my passion and strengths are not necessarily solely in doing business, but more so in technology, creating things, and helping others. My experience in entrepreneurship has also taught me that I am not motivated so much by money, but instead by doing things that I love to do and helping people out in whatever way I can.

I have always had a passion for technology, writing simple games and building websites since I was in elementary school. I also gave a TED talk in 2014 in Tokyo about the pros and cons of using technology in education. Wanting to dive deeper into technology, I naturally gravitated towards coding and web development. I enrolled in a 3-month full-time web development boot camp called The Firehose Project while gradually shutting down the translation business I had built in Japan to make time to code. I absolutely fell in love with the art of programming, and have decided to pursue web development as a career.


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