The Firehose Project – WEEK 6 / Working with CoffeeScript

The Firehose Project offers several coding challenges that enable you to develop logical thinking. It also prepares you for interviews. They are pretty difficult and it takes a lot of drawing diagrams, testing, rethinking, and banging your head against the wall.

I was able to finish all over the coding challenges and it gave me confidence that I could start tackling interview questions.

I’ve heard that other bootcamps don’t offer these kinds of algorithm challenges, but I think they are crucial to include in one’s learning. They are really important in developing problem solving skills that can be applied in other ways. They also teach you how programs only act the way you tell them to act.

Alongside the coding challenges, I have been taking a look at CoffeeScript under recommendation from my mentor.

CoffeeScript is basically an easier version of JavaScript that omits a lot of “unnecessary” things such as semi-colons. The concept is said to be kind of derived from programming languages such as Ruby and Python.

I found CoffeeScript to be convenient, but at the same time I felt it would be pointless to try to use it before I fully understood Javascript to a certain level. My mentor agreed as well; learning these frameworks are important, but it’s obviously better to learn the original language first.

On one hand, CoffeeScript enables you to write simpler code. On the other hand, becoming a developer isn’t always about writing simpler and faster code, sometimes you have to step back and look at what the programming languages actually are, what their history is, etc.

Thus, I have started reading Douglas Crockford’s Javascript: The Good Parts. It’s a book worth reading and it also isn’t too long. I highly recommend it to anyone starting out, as it goes in depth into the features of Javascript in a very comprehensive way.

The more I learn about programming, the more I feel that there is to learn. It is honestly a very interesting field for me and I love the fact that you can never be done with learning programming. There is just so much to learn.

Progress this Week

  • Understand what CoffeeScript is and its implementations
  • Gained more knowledge about Javascript and its history
  • Feel more confident with algorithms and coding challenges

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