The Firehose Project – WEEK 5 / More Coding Challenges

This week was another week of banging my head against the wall. My mentor told me that I should be able to solve at least three coding challenges, so here I am trying to tackle as many of these as I can.

These coding challenges are great though, they really train your mind to think logically and to break the problem down into small little pieces.

The first coding challenge was tough, because I didn’t know how to think through the problem. But after solving a few, I was able to get the hang of how to handle problems, debug them, and eventually solve them.

Not to say that I solved everything on my own though, I got a lot of help from Ken, who is one of the mentors at the Firehose Project. He really has a way of explaining things in a very clear and understandable way.

So in two weeks, I finished most of my coding challenges! The toughest one was reversing a linked list. This took me about a week, but after solving this one, the others were very easy in comparison.

Strengths of The Firehose Project

I feel that these coding challenges are one of the merits of joining the Firehose Project. Without these challenges, there is no way that anyone could solve more difficult problems in the future. I really like how not only the mentors, but community members try to help each other out.

Progress this week

  • Improved on figuring out logic
  • Improved debugging skills
  • Improved problem solving skills

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