The Firehose Project – WEEK 4 / Coding Challenges

This was a rough week for me: solving coding challenges are HARD.

The coding challenge I was doing this week was called image blur 3. I basically had to write a code that would accept a multidimensional array with 0s and 1s and turn the 0s into 1s where the 0 had a  Manhattan Distance of x from the 1.

At first, I had no idea where to tackle the problem. I broke the problem step by step, trying out different methods of what I thought would work.

After a while, I figured out the logic of how to get the code to work. The next step was to write code that would make the logic work.

What I ended up doing was writing a bunch of bad code using while loops with 4 different conditions (long and difficult to read), instead of trying to implement much simpler code.

Solving the problem after about 12 hours was satisfying and lead to more confidence. The next coding challenge is more difficult, and again I find myself not knowing where to start.

Progress up until now

  • Improved on figuring out logic
  • Improved writing logical code

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