The Firehose Project – WEEK 3 / Overcoming the initial mountain

The first two weeks, I struggled with the language itself, the syntax, the structure, etc. It took me about three weeks until I became comfortable with the language. Coding challenges are now a problem of figuring out the logic, rather than figuring out the language.

What it took to reach this level

  • Reading documentation
  • Going through Ruby Monk
  • Writing code every day

After about on average 3 hours of coding on weekdays and 5 hours of coding on weekends, I was able to overcome what I feel is the first mountain.

Diving into Javascript

I started diving into Javascript with the suggestion of my mentor. I went through the Codecademy course, but since I had become comfortable with ruby, I was able to learn the language very quickly.

People always told me that once you learn one language, learning another is easy. I guess this is what they meant.

The Importance of Mentors

My mentor helps me figure out what the next steps for my coding career is. This is super helpful because without an experienced person telling me what to do next, how would you know what the right step would be?

Progress up until now

  • Became more comfortable with programming in general
  • Became more comfortable with backend side (rails)
  • Able to understand and explain what Models, Views, and Controllers do
  • More comfortable with using bootstrap
  • Able to solve a lot of problems on my own

I’m still not able to

  • Implement javascript or jQuery into my websites
  • Explain ActiveRecords
  • Use Sass
  • Solve complex programming problems

I am amazed at the progress I am making each week with this program. This blog helps me keep track of my progress. Looking back, it is cool to see that the stuff I didn’t understand last week, I understand now!


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